Huldrelokkk - the wood nymph's beckoning call, is an all-female trio playing acoustic folk music from three Scandinavian countries: Norway, Sweden and Denmark as well as their own material.
Three angelic voices coupled with two virtuoso fiddles and a groovy rhythmic guitar, they celebrated their world premiere concert to an enthusiastic Berlin audience in late 2009.

Since then the trio has been giving sell-out concerts all over Europe and Scandinavia.

The Debut CD „Trolldans“ (Westpark Music) of this exceptional trio was released in October 2011 in Europe, and has gotten rave reviews. The new live CD i levende live captures the unforgettable live atmosphere of a Huldrelokkk concert, and was recorded during tours in Gemany  2013  and 2014.

The folk CD of the year!” Rocktimes, Germany 2011

"Grooving folk guitar, dynamic fiddles and powerful harmony vocals in different Nordic of the freshest sounds appearing on the Nordic folk horizon."  Lira, Sweden 2011

 “The Swedish-Norwegian-Danish women’s trio played a mighty concert! The three young women play keyed fiddle, violin and guitar – particularly delightful was the way the Norwegian guitarist let her instrument sing, ring and hum – a definitive troll-guitar! The group’s tight vocal harmonies are a real feast for the ears – and to cap it all you can dance to the music too!” Rootszone, Denmark 2014

“… a female trio which really makes you sit up and take notice …
The dreamy melodies from the fiddle and Nyckelharpa (a medieval instrument rarely seen nowadays) coupled with the strong and sensitive guitar of Kerstin Blodig form the musical fundament of this band, often rounded off with beautiful three-part vocal harmonies.
Solo songs and a-capella further supplemented this sublime performance, which completely enthralled the audience. Frenetic and lengthy bursts of applause between the individual pieces were proof that even folk music in a language which only a few people here understand - can be intensely moving and entertaining.” Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung, Germany 2010

"Ridiculously good - these three female musicians dressed as magical beings from a mythological world .... Scandinavian holidays in the form of magnificent music, which these three have in their souls…" Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung, Germany 2015


Kerstin Blodig (N/D)

vocals, guitar, bodhrán

is internationally regarded as one of the most important interpreters of Scandinavian and Celtic world-music. She studied musicology, Scandinavian languages and cultures, with particular emphasis on Norwegian folk music. Today she tours all over the world - including major festivals, studio recordings, and regular TV appearances - with a wide variety of different projects, including the Celtic bands Talking Water and Norland Wind (featuring Clannad-members P. and N. Duggan). She cultivates her Norwegian roots in her solo performances  and in the duo Kelpie with scotsman Ian Melrose.

She has recorded, produced and co-produced 20 CDs with her various solo and group projects: the debut solo CD Valivann won the renowned German Critics Prize 2002. After the success of her solo albums Trollsang and Nordisk Sjel, she has just released her fourth solo CD Out of the Woods on the renowned audiophile label Stockfisch Records.
Being one of the finest women guitarists in the acoustic scene today, she is official endorser of Gibson Guitars.

Ditte Andersson (SE)

vocals, nyckelharpa

Ditte Andersson from Upsala is an esteemed nyckelharpa player in Sweden. She began singing and playing the Swedish national instrument - nyckelharpa - and later the fiddle – as a teenager. Soon she became a part of the traditional Upland music scene. 
She has a masters degree in education from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm and plays and sings in various live projects with a wide variety of musical styles.  She teaches nyckelharpa and fiddle to all age-groups - from council music schools to universities in Scandinavia, USA, Italy, Britain and Germany and has been one of the regular teachers at the nyckelharpa courses at Burg Fürsteneck in Germany since 2005.
Her distinctive earthy alto voice and her wonderful dry British-style humour makes her a strong stage personality.
You can listen to her own compositions on her CD „Återvunnet“.
Ditte has been playing with Huldrelokkk since 2021.

Elin Jonsson (SE)

vocals, fiddle

Elin Jonsson grew up in a musical family in Srömsund in the north of Sweden. She is a qualified teacher at the Ingesund music school having achieved a masters degree in folk music from universities in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.
Her swingy and sensitive fiddle playing is deeply rooted in Jämtland folk music, and she was given the honorable title of “Riksspelman”. She plays solo with her loop-station and also in many other musical constellations, among them the young Swedish-Norwegian quartet “Rim”.
She loves communicating with audiences in her concerts and has a natural and charming stage presence.
In 2021 she has released her debut solo-CD “Drömmaren” with her own material for fiddle and loop-station.
She has been playing and singing with Huldrelokkk since may, 2022.

Elin Jonsson är musiker, riksspelman och pedagog från Strömsund, norra Jämtland. Uppvuxen i en folkmusikfamilj fanns den traditionella musiken och dansen alltid närvarande och Elin började tidigt att spela fiol. Hon har utbildat sig till fiolpedagog vid Musikhögskolan Ingesund och har en master i Nordisk folkmusik från Kungliga Musikhögskolan, Syddansk Musikkonservatorium, Sibelius Akademin och Ole Bull Akademien.

Liv Vester Larsen (DK)

vocals, fiddle, percussion

Liv Vester Larsen gained a master-degre in Scandinavian folk music from The Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, Southern Denmark, and did complimentary studies at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki (Finland), Ege University in Izmir (Turkey) and Högskolan för Scen och Musik in Gothenburg (Sweden).
Her musical background is varied, encompassing many different styles and genres, including diplomas in classical violin from MGK Hjørring (DK) and in Swedish folk music from Malungs folkhögskola (SE). Her principal violin teachers have been Krzystof Dolatko, Harald Haugaard, Mikael Marin, Mauno Järvela, Bjarke Falgren and Hans Kennemark. 
She was a member of The Danish Radios Youth Ensemble DRUEN and has received a grant from the Idella Fondation to develope and create her own music.  She is a founding member of the Danish jazz-folk group Nordstrand, and has recorded and toured with many other bands playing lots of different musical styles.